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Allergen Information

We are very sensitive to everyone's allergy needs.
Our kitchen is a dedicated gluten free and vegan kitchen. This means all of our equipment has NEVER touched or been used with gluten, dairy or eggs.
We do use coconut in most of our products.
Our non chocolate cakes have almond milk.
There is corn starch and potato starch in most of our products as well.
Our cinnamon rolls have coconut but no almond milk in them. 
We use no peanuts but sometimes use nuts as an ingredient in a product, it will always be listed as part of the flavor. Example: "pecan maple scone." 
All items are soy free unless specifically indicated otherwise, such as soy lecithin in sprinkles or our brunch items, such as the tofu scramble. 
We use all natural colors and flavors only! 

Please contact us if you have a special order and have specific questions. 

SOME items are sourced from a third party, such as sprinkles, we always are vigilant about the sources of these items but if you have questions please contact us we do not have control over their manufacturing processes. We do our best to to remain allergen friendly with what is within out control and choose not to use items that are labeled as manufactured in a facility that might have potential for cross contamination. During the pandemic some of these items have changed and we do our best to stay on top of this, however, please contact us if you have questions. 

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